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Assortments | AT101

Spirit of 76

5 out of 5 stars


This package has all the firepower you need to leave your neighborhood in awe. Includes 18 500-gram cakes and 32 350-gram cakes

GM784 One Minute Riot - 25 Shot (Assorted)
GM670 Amped Up - 14 shots (Assorted)
GM110A Air Supremacy - 42 shots
GM991 Howling Wolf - 30 shots
MX105 Truck Stop Joe - 14 shots
MX124 Bamboozle - 42 shots
MX130 Wild Over Metal - 19 shots (Assorted)
MX115 Amazing 8 - 10 shots (Assorted)
MX134 The War Box Assortment 15 shots

*Note: contents listed above vary from those pictured.


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