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Assortments | AT302

Spirit of 76

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Shoot your own backyard pyro-musical just like the pros with Gilmo's Ignite Show Package! This kit includes all the fireworks you need to shoot an amazing show set to music. Design your own show or use one of the 2 pre-built shows designed by Gilmo (aka Brian Gilmore, Spirit of '76 Fireworks retail store manager).

This package can be shot to a show of your own design, OR to one of two pre-built show options:

PRE-BUILT SHOW 1 - Let's Rock N' Roll

PRE-BUILT SHOW 2 - Celebrate New Year's Eve

However you shoot it, watch our video tutorial on how to set up the show.

GM100 Da Big Bomb Box
GM106 Mt Rushmore
GM383 76 Select Series
GM760 Mob Madness
TB263 Monstrous King
FS300 IGNITE i18 module
FS305 IGNITE Clip-on Igniters (20 pack)

Requires 1ea FS300* & 1ea FS305* (both are included in this AT302 package)
*FS300 i18 Module
*FS305 IGNITE Clip-On Igniters

If you want the Complete Show package WITHOUT the IGNITE Module, check out item AT301.


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Spirit of 76

Gilmos Ignite Show Package (Fireworks ONLY) Video
AT301   1/1  

50+ in stock

Brians 10-Minute Fireworks Show (v2) - 687 shots Video
AT107B   1/1  

rateraterateraterate (2)

11 in stock

Brians 5-Minute Show (v2) - 494 shots Video
AT105B   1/1  

19 in stock

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