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Spirit of 76

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Take the guess work out of your fireworks show. This package is perfect for lighting up the sky at your event. This show is designed by Gilmo (aka Brian Gilmore, Spirit of 76 Fireworks retail store manager).

Package comes with instructions, fuse, connectors, and 5 cases of fireworks - everything you need for a great show!

Watch the video below to see a similar show in action. This video does NOT represent this exact version of the DIY 5 minute Fireworks show as some products are shot in a different order. It does gives you an idea of the set up and what the show could be like.

How to connect fireworks with Fuse ConneX.

GM100 Da Big Bomb Box
GM620 Sweet 16s
GM760 Mob Madness (Assorted)
GM600 Wind Up
GM886 Stars & Strobes
FE128-P Perfect Fuse (3mm) 10 sec/ft (1 roll) X2
FE110A Fuse Connex (Single Pack) X1

Click here for instructions.

Watch: How to Set Up a Fireworks Show Kit from Spirit of 76


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Spirit of 76

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