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Professional Use Only | CM515

icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line Italia

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High-quality comets built for demanding displays.

- Plastic tube with no debris performance
- Built in Pyrolamas/76 Slider compatibility
- Manufactured in Italy to the highest standards
- Vivid color saturation

Limited quantities available in 2022.

How to e-match these devices (2022 Production)


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Spirit of 76

30mm Kamuro Comet (No Debris) Video
icon_pro_use CM502   24/1  

15 in stock
50+ on order

30mm Gold+Cracker Comet (No Debris) Video
icon_pro_use CM503   24/1  

24 in stock
12 on order

30mm Green Comet (No Debris) Video
icon_pro_use CM507   24/1  

50+ in stock

30mm Lemon Comet (No Debris) Video
icon_pro_use CM508   24/1  

33 in stock
50 on order

30mm Orange Comet (No Debris) Video
icon_pro_use CM509   24/1  

17 in stock
50 on order

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