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Professional Use Only | GM418A

icon_pro_use 76 Pro Line

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Rich green color with symmetrical breaks.
Our popular line of Pro Line 36 shot peony consumer use cakes has been expanded to include professional use only 36 shot peony cakes in a variety of colors. These pro use only cakes have had the tube spacing minimalized, making the cake size smaller, but allowing the same tube size, break height, and effect, as the larger size consumer use cakes.


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Spirit of 76

36s Red Peony (25sec) - 36 shots Video
icon_pro_use GM427A   6/1   eport

rateraterateraterate (2)

50+ in stock

36s Yellow Peony (25sec) - 36 shots Video
icon_pro_use GM417A   6/1   eport

50+ in stock

36s Pink Peony (25sec) - 36 shots Video
icon_pro_use GM419A   6/1   eport

50+ in stock

36s R/W/B Peony (25sec) - 36 shots
icon_pro_use GM438A   6/1   eport

43 in stock

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