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Multi Shots 500 Grams | GM597


4.7 out of 5 stars






A frigid blast of three icy tails to red pearls with jumbo gold palms, then icy tails to red, green, yellow and purple pearls with icy glitter, and a three-shot finale of icy crackling ice palms.

Dimensions 12.0 L × 10.1 W × 8.5 H


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Spirit of 76

Tears From Heaven - 16 shots Video
GM132   2/1  

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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   April 2nd 2015

Good Variety!
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   April 2nd 2015

Rapid color!
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   April 2nd 2015

Good variety!
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   June 15th 2015

If my dreams were a firework...
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   April 9th 2018

Something different,awesome color,great value
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   October 1st 2020

Big, loud breaks with good color.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   July 20th 2020

Sweet! Huge breaks, good elevation and duration.