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Multi Shots 500 Grams | GM691

76 Pro Line

4.5 out of 5 stars








The Nishiki Kamuro effect is famous for its impressively long hang time. This is a spectacular Japanese-style effect. Our best-selling cake from '76 Pro Line makes a statement in any fireworks show.


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Spirit of 76

Hit the Road Jack - 49 shots Video
GM498   4/1  

rateraterateraterate (11)

50+ in stock

12s Double Timerain Crackle (30sec) Video
GM690   4/1  

rateraterateraterate (1)

50+ in stock

Nishiki Kamuro (50mm) - Single Shot - 1 shots Video
icon_pro_use TB420   18/1   tlock

rateraterateraterate (1)

50+ in stock

Supernova Cans Nishiki Kamuro (1.75" Reloadable) Video
RL233   6/8  

rateraterateraterate (2)

50+ in stock

Customer Comments

gravatar photo

Posted by   |   August 31st 2017

very nice!!
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   November 13th 2017

Worth the higher price. With this product, you can create a 4 layer effect of ground, mid, high, and then the Nishiki Kamuro which most shots go higher than your average 9 shot.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   November 23rd 2020

Loud breaks. Love the colors.