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Multi Shots 200 Grams | MS133

Sky Bacon

3.5 out of 5 stars






Get all the greatest hits in one set! Your eyes and ears wont forget these favorites:

Pigs N Roses - Appetite for Spareribs
The Piggles - Hammy Road
Boarvana - Neverswine
Pink Swine - Bacon on the Moon (Dark Side of the Bacon)

Each case contains 3 sets - get yours today!

Dimensions 4.8 L × 4.8 W × 5.9 H


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Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   July 20th 2020

Nice set of rapid fire cakes.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   July 20th 2020

This set of cakes is great as show starters.
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Posted by   |   September 4th 2020

Each case contains 3 sets, does this mean you get 12 individual cakes?