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Mortars & Racks | PL107A

76 Pro Line

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76-Slider Plates make mounting and securing single shot devices (30mm to 50mm) fast, easy, and frustration free. Designed with a precision fit for use with PL110A 76-Holders or . PL111A X-Holders

Maximum Devices - Using 76-Holders
7ea - 40mm Devices
6ea - 50mm Devices

Maximum Devices - Using X-Holders
6ea - 40mm Devices
5ea - 50mm Devices

60mm or larger devices are NOT recommended for use with this system.


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Spirit of 76

76 Holders Bulk Pack (150 pcs) Video
PL110A   150/1  

50+ in stock

76 Slider Plates (10pcs) Video
PL107B   10/1  

27 in stock


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