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Artillery Shells | RL151


5 out of 5 stars






The hottest selling artillery shell in the U.S.! Simply unbelievable breaks. Each box has three kits of six canister shells which are manufactured using newly developed techniques. You will see golden willows, cracking flowers, time delayed crackling, colorful bouquets, colored stars, flying fish, glitter, and multicolored scrambling comets.

Dimensions 15.8 L × 15.0 W × 5.8 H


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Spirit of 76

Quest 1.75" 60-Gram Canister Shells Video
RL188   4/24  

rateraterateraterate (2)

50+ in stock

5" Hellcat Cans (60-gram Canisters) Video
RL240   12/6  

50+ in stock

Customer Comments

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Posted by   |   January 4th 2012

Gotta have a case these - always. Really wish they would label the can as to what effect it is though. Great product, great price.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   January 23rd 2012

impressive breaks for 1.75.as good as any out there. if you are getting shells....get these. MUST HAVE.....fire multiple at once for best effect.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   February 3rd 2015

Good breaks. Get every year. Use these and supernova cans. Set off 100 with fast fuse for my finale last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FVwaBCU2VQ
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   February 3rd 2015

Wonderful product. Got it in combination with an assortment, and we had loads of fun on the 4th. We even had 2 boxes left over. Definitely worth buying
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   May 25th 2018

Used several different types of shell's. I always go back to Smoke and Mirrors. Hardest and most powerful launch. Huge THUMP on Launch percussion. Very good altitude and good break! Very consistent and QUALITY shell. You can see my 9 min show in Lake Havasu City AZ 4th of July Show using ONLY Spiritof76 order! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-hAzJgivFc