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Artillery Shells | RL334


4.7 out of 5 stars




Take pride in these amazing 5-inch shells from Shogun! Features a variety of intense colors and effects such as palm, plum, brocade, dahlia, strobe, and more!


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Spirit of 76

5" Wildcat Cartridges - 60-Gram Canisters Video
RL289   3/24  

rateraterateraterate (12)

50+ in stock

Grand Jury - 5" Shells (4/24) Video
RL332   4/24  

rateraterateraterate (3)

50+ in stock

Neon Beef - 5" Canister Shells Video
RL336   4/24  

rateraterateraterate (1)

50+ in stock

Alien Invasion - 6" Canister Video
RL338   3/24  

rateraterateraterate (2)

50+ in stock

Customer Comments

gravatar photo

Posted by   |   July 8th 2020

nice shells. Great breaks and color
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   November 23rd 2020

Big breaks, great color.
gravatar photo

Posted by   |   June 16th 2022

Fuse these beauties with other large shells in multi launch canisters for an awesome finale.