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Artillery Shells | RL365


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6-inch assorted shells from Winda with 18 different effects, some including whistling tails to breaks and some with rings.
1. Whistling tail to neon orange w/ blue peony;
2. Whistling tail to brocade crown to timerain;
3. Whistling tail to gold willow and brocade crown to white strobe tips;
4. Whistling tail to gold willow to gold rain w/ red lace;
5. Whistling tail to red wave;
6. Green palm tree w/ yellow lace;
7. Brocade crown to green tips w/ color falling leaves;
8. Gold rain with spitting purple palm tail;
9. Red palm tail rising to brocade crown w/ white strobes;
10. Green palm tail rising to gold willow to green tips w/ green strobes;
11. Red palm tail rising to brocade and gold willow w/ red strobes;
12. R/W/B peony with silver flying fish;
13. Brocade and gold willow w/ color pearl pistil;
14. Nishiki and white strobe mine to Nishiki kamuro w/ white strobes;
15. Double layer timerain mine to double stage timerain;
16. Gold rain w/ purple pistil;
17. Blue ring with white strobe pistil;
18. Red palm ring.

Dimensions 21.5 L × 5.3 W × 13.4 H


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