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Artillery Shells | RL366


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5-inch single breaks
- Gold palm tree to red and green w/ white strobes;
- Multi-color peony w/ red lace pistil;
- Red and green palm tree w/ crackles;
- Red palm tree w/ green strobe;
- King brocade crown w/ green strobes;
- Purple and green palm tree w/ yellow lace pistil;
6-inch single breaks
- Whistling tail to crackling willow with color tips;
- Whistling tail to multi-color peony w/ yellow lace pistil; - Whistling tail to Nishiki kamuro w/ red pearls;
- Whistling tail to Nishiki kamuro w/ green strobes;
- Whistling tail to brocade to timerain w/ gold strobes;
- Whistling tail to lemon and blue peony w/ timerain;
6-inch double breaks
- Gold willow w/ green strobes and red green peony w/ white lace;
- Green palm tree w/ red lace and orange palm tree w/ white strobe;
- R/W/B peony and brocade crown to timerain tips;
- Purple and green peony w/ gold rain and brocade crown w/ red lace;
- Gold palm tree to color tips and silver palm tree to timerain tips;
- Ruby red peony w/ white lace and blue peony w/ gold strobes;
7-inch triple breaks
- Multi-color peony, timerain and red lace;
- Gold palm tree, white strobe and timerain;
- Crackling willow w/ color tips, crackle and green strobe;
- Nishiki kamuro, ruby red peony and white strobe;
- Ruby red peony, white strobe and blue peony;
- Orange palm tree, timerain and yellow lace.

Dimensions 15.1 L × 5.5 W × 27.8 H


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